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coworker constantly nagging me to see a doctor

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--- Quote ---I think what people are saying is that she can't be sure she isn't contagious, 
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Well, colds can be passed around, of course. So no, I'm not saying that I know for a fact that I'm not contagious since I've acknowledged that I had a cold*. What I am saying is that staying out sick for the entire duration of my symptoms simply isn't feasible (and honestly, I'm not alone in this; it's hardly unheard of that many employees still have to report to work when they're sick); I'd have to go to the doctor and get a note, and besides that, my boss would highly disapprove regardless if I technically had the sick days available. Like, I'm not going to stay home just for having a sore throat, which is when the whole thing started and when my coworker started nagging me.   

And for the person who asked whether she was coming in as a mediator: No. Trust me, she was just being nosy. I've mentioned before that she's not part of my department. If the other coworkers needed a mediator, they'd go to our actual boss. Except that that'd never happen because they're fairly outspoken themselves and wouldn't hesitate to tell me themselves if something was bothering them; it's happened before, when I had a bad post-viral cough a few years ago and sounded like I was hacking up a lung. My coworkers were all, "...Dude."

Also, I did hear back from my doctor friends whom I emailed, and they agreed with me and said that seeing a doctor wasn't necessary.

* And yes, the cold cleared up within the allotted time frame. I did end up with another post-viral cough (boo), but this time I was smart, unlike before, and drank a lot of honey in warm water (which was gross, but eh), so it wasn't anywhere near as bad and cleared up very quickly.

Finally, I know that this post might prompt responses of how I'm just looking for validation since I'm basically disagreeing with everyone saying, "But...maybe you SHOULD go to the doctor!", but honestly... whether my coworker is right to nag me was never my question. I've always felt that my coworker was out of line in continuing to press the issue and I still feel that way. My question was only on how to make her stop. That's not to say that people aren't entitled to veer OT of course, especially if they disagree with the premise of the post, because a lot of Ehell threads do that, but if there's any question as to why I'm essentially going, "," to those responses, that's why. (So I'm not saying that people should stop posting along those lines, just know that I'm really not going to agree with you. *shrugs*)


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