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coworker constantly nagging me to see a doctor

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--- Quote ---I don't know what your work environment is like, but given the "tone" of the exchange you reported, I assumed that it was with a peer, not a supervisor.    You sounded pretty snarky given that you were responding to a question from a supervisor.
--- End quote ---
Well, the work environment is a bit weird. Yes, she's in a supervisory position in that she doles out assignments and keeps people on task. But she is not a direct supervisor, and attitudes in general are very informal. I did sound more exasperated than usual, but that was because she had also asked me earlier that day if I had seen the doctor.

In fact, recently I've been the one who's been pulling back and trying to keep things more business-oriented because I'm getting tired of her latching on to personal stuff I've said in the past (like about the doctor). She's constantly asking personal questions or being snarky (not in a mean way) and I'm trying to bean-dip.

--- Quote ---And honestly, given that she is a supervisor, your illness (cold or whatever) kind of is her business since she needs to worry about germs being spread around the workplace if you frequently come in when feeling ill or under the weather. 
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Sure, so she can tell me to go home or whatever*. I wouldn't have an issue with that. What I DO have a problem with is her constantly telling me to go see a doctor; that is none of her business IMO, and something that she should drop.

* Although, for the record, we get 8 sick days each year, and if I were to stay home each time I felt under the weather, that wouldn't come close to cutting it. So sometimes it's inevitable that you have to come to work when you're not feeling well. Also, she's not in my department (like I said, the work environment/division is weird), so if there's anyone who should be worrying about germs, it's my direct boss and my department coworkers. And my direct boss would be the only one with the authority to tell me to just go home.

I'm not sure that my response would be particularly polite:

"The doctor?  For a cold?  No.  I'm not going to waste my money or their time."

 >:D Advocate:

What if you had a condition that lowered your immune system such that you caught colds more easily?
If you miss work excessively  or cause others to miss work it is an issue for her.

But if you don't miss work more than other people for sickness and nobody else seems to catch your colds then it is not really an issue for her.

OP, given your update it sounds like this might be something that you ought to get HR advice on, if your company has a HR department.

If she is singling you out for harassment then that might be something you want to bring to the attention of HR, even if you don't want to make any kind of formal complaint.

I have people constantly asking me if I've seen anyone for my cough. Which I've had for several months. Because of allergies. It's literally coming and going depending on the allergy levels in the area, a mild cough, and I'm on allergy medicine for it. Nothing to worry about. And yet people are CONSTANTLY asking me if I'm sick, if I need to see a doctor, what have you.

A simple "I've consulted with the doctor in the past and he's aware of my condition" suffices for me. And you can even leave out the "in the past" part. Just reply with "I've consulted with a doctor. I'm managing my symptoms." Technically not a lie, I'm sure at one point in the past you've consulted with a doctor about something. And you're managing your symptoms, you just need a bit of time or something. Hopefully that will placate with her.


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