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Did I miss my chance to negotiate?

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I was recently offered more of a full time and permanent position after about a year of working for myself and freelancing, yay!

I was so excited to get the call and they told me the salary and asked if that was around what I was looking for. I was actually looking for something  bit higher after researching what I SHOULD ask for with my experience and education, my salary background varies so much that it is hard to use that as a bargaining tool.

Do I bother to see if I COULD make more...or just wait until my review after the 6 months or year?

Since you've already accepted the job I would not advise going back on it.  I would wait until my review and renegotiate then. make sure that you are very aware of what you have added to the company during this time period and make sure that they are aware  of your added value.  I don't see you being able to go back and renegotiate now from a position of strength.

If you haven't yet accepted, you should definitely express that you were looking for something a bit higher. They've all but told you TO ask for something higher when they said "Is this what you were hoping for?" There's a great chapter in Sheryl Sandburg's book Lean In that basically says that one of major reasons that men make more than women is because men negotiate harder (or more than not at all, as is often the case) for higher starting salaries. Over time, that turns into a bigger and bigger disparity between men and women. When you bring it up again, you should definitely have some reasons for why you deserve a bigger salary (it's more commensurate with your skills and experience, etc). You don't need to belabor it. Most hiring managers have a range that they can safely/easily give new hires. Why shouldn't you get it?

I agree...if you have accepted, then I wouldn't start to try to negotiate now.
If you haven't then have they indicated there is flexibility?  SO if they say 60K-70K commesurate with experience, you don't want to come in at 80K as they may say "no thanks". But if they offered 62K and you can show that you have all this experience/knowledge, then you could tell them about that and say you think that 68K is consistent with your experience.

It's not clear from your post how you responded to them.  If you said you'd have to think about it or anything like that, then you can go back and say you were looking for X number that is higher.  If you accepted the job at the salary offered, then you need to wait until your review.  You don't want your first interaction with your new job to be going back on your word. 


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