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 I'm having an issue - while reading threads the font will suddenly change from my original size to a tiny size, then shift back to the original size after a bit

Is it within the same thread it's different sizes? Or the whole page changing until you go to another page? If it's the whole page, is this only happening on e-Hell? Or are other sites affected too?

Are you using a scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll through the page? If so, is it possible you're hitting a button on the keyboard at the same time? I know if I hit Ctrl and use the scroll wheel, it changes the zoom on the website I'm on while I'm at work (Chrome, Windows 7). I know there's ways to do it at home (Flamingvixen, Mac OSX), but I'm not sure the exact combination of keys.

Sorry, not trying to bombard you with questions, and I don't know anything about the back-end code on the site, but if it's something simple like your browser or buttons you're bumping and not realizing it, it's a simple fix. :)

rain, mine's been doing the same thing.  I'm glad to know it's not just mine doing it.

It's been doing it for me as well, but only on the main "home" page.

This machine has Internet Explorer 8.0, if that makes a difference.

I haven't noticed any issues with Chrome or Flamingvixen at home.

I'm using internet explorer

it can happen on any page - but it only happens to me on this forum (not any of the others I go to)

I'm using the scroll wheel on the mouse, and am not touching the keyboard (if I unknowingly touched one of the "click" buttons on the mouse could that cause the issues?)


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