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So this weekend I'm having a luncheon for a friend who's getting married soon, with a tea party theme. Unfortunately my co-host had to have emergency surgery so I'm doing a bit of last minute scrambling and would love your advice. The guest of honor is vegetarian and hates mushrooms, so we'd like to keep the menu meat and fungus free. There's going to be about 10 to 15 women attending and starts at 1 pm, so more food is probably better than less.

fruit platter
veggie platter with dips (any ideas?)
finger sandwiches: cucumber, egg salad, cheese
hot food: bite size quiche, something else?
scones with a variety of jams
variety of tiny cookies: sugar, chocolate dipped, etc
chiffon cake

Currently only planning on hot tea and water, but should I also make some iced tea and/or lemonade?

I'm struggling here. I've got a ton of white peacock feathers and pretty glass bottles and vases, but I feel like it needs more. Roses? Mixed in with the feather vases or on their own in bowls?

Mismatched set of rose-printed tea cups, saucers and plates. Silver and china platters for food.

What do you think?

Hummus for dip.  Yum, yum, yum.

Iced tea and lemonade
Mixed nuts
Maybe soup - lentil or or something?
Caprese salad/pasta/sandwiches

I've never made this from scratch (I buy the spinach dip at the grocery story) but this is a huge hit for an app type of deal:

I'm not a vegetarian, but a quick google found this for a possible hot dish (sounds yummy to me, can be served in small portions):

Yes, I think that iced tea and/or lemonade or some such cool refreshing drink (maybe a punch?) should be available, with ice.

Decorations? I think what you have sounds lovely. If you feel the need to do more (but I don't think it's necessary) maybe throw in a few silk roses (instead of fresh) . . . silk roses can be used again or given away to the guests as door-prize type of thing.

Serving dishes?  To me, mis-matched settings are awesome. I have many tea cups/saucers/cake plates handed down to me from my German relatives.
As far as I know, that was the thing to do way back when . . . the more diversified your table setting was, the coolest you were.  ;D

mbbored -- whatever you do, I know that you will be the hostess with the mostess.

Please keep us updated.

I think that sounds lovely.

I like the idea of some iced lemonade. Or there are these small glass bottles of coke that I like to get. They are ridiculously overpriced ($1/bottle) but I tell myself it's cheaper than alcohol and buy them anyway.

Hot things: I have found that frozen store bought Phyllo pastries tend to be generally high quality and tasty. Also, they can be baked with the quiches and add variety without extra prep.

If you time beforehand:

I just made some homemade jam as I had some ripe fruit that wasn't going to eaten (1/3 raspberry, 2/3 strawberry, random amount of sugar, enough water to keep things from burning and cook for 30 minutes), It was really easy. I didn't can it or anything. Just poured into a jar and into the fridge. It is surprisingly delicious. I think it's because the fruit was ripe so there is a real fruity flavor to the sweetness and it isn't just added sugar to unripe fruit.


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