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It's summer here! After one of the longest winters on record,  we're having a heatwave!  Yes, celebration time you say. Well yes and no.

The moaners are back out in force.  "It's too hot!" "We need the rain!" "It makes me feel ill!" These same people complain about the rain,  complain when it's too windy,  complain it's supposed to be summer and it's not hot enough and complaint when it's freezing in winter. You get the drift.

How does one politely respond to the constant moans? I'm tempted to just suggest they make the most of it since it won't last long and before we know it,  they'll be lamenting the end of the heatwave and wishing it were hot again! !

But really what can I say?!

That's exactly the kind of thing I say when someone complains about the weather. It's winter here currently and the same people who complained about the heat in summer are now complaining about the cold/rain etc.
I smile brightly and say "oh well, it won't be that long and we'll all be complaining about the heat." Then walk away.

If it's a normal, talking-about-the-weather comment, then I just continue with the conversation. Nothing wrong with stating that you dislike the current weather. Cut people a bit of slack! One or two comments isn't a big deal.

But if it's someone who harps on and on about how dreadful the current season is, however, and doesn't let you talk about much else, I'd just say, "I'm sorry it bothers you that much," and walk off. There's no sense in having a conversation with someone who won't talk about anything you find interesting.

I admit it..I was a moaner on Wednesday.  My town, especially the part I live in, was hit with 4" of rain in a very short time, causing serious flooding (my section of town was literally cut off due to all roads being closed around me) and I made a FB status about it, but it was somewhat tongue in cheek.  I commented that if we aren't freezing to death, we are cooking , or we are in a drought followed by Biblical rains..can't we just get normal weather???  The comments that followed were actually pretty funny, and most people who make comments like mine are just making comments about the extremes. 

Will you forgive me if I only moan when it's too hot?


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