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I forgot this phrase today. Argh!

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--- Quote from: BeagleMommy on July 16, 2013, 11:54:05 AM ---What an absolute boor!  I would have been so tempted to say "Excuse me, how are my reproductive plans any of your business?".  I wouldn't actually have said it, but I would have wanted to.

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I'll admit, I've actually said something like this before, but not about myself.

When sis was married, years ago, people would start asking me when she was going to start a family. I think I was at some sort of family event and she and her husband couldn't make it or something. People kept asking and wouldn't stop, until I finally said in a loud voice "My sister does not discuss her reproductive plans with me. If you're so interested in what's going on in her marriage bed, you have her email address and phone number and can ask her yourself."

Not my proudest moment, but it shut EVERYONE up asking about her plans for children, and I've never had anyone ask about my plans either.

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I've used "That's none of my business" to shut down people who come to me for gossip fodder.  It's quite effective.

At my first wedding, a relative on his side asked me-  at the reception! - when we were going to have kids. I asked her if I could change out of my gown, first.  :o

Afterward, it occurred to me that I could've put my hand on my belly and said coyly, "Oh, didn't you know...?" Probably just as well I didn't think of it until later, EvilWhiskey might've said it!

Years ago, when my alter ego was doing the morning show, a listener called and was talking about something his kid did (it tied in to something we were talking about on the show).  He then told me that I really ought to think about having kids because it wouldn't be too long before my biological clock ran out.  I was speechless.  He told me that he'd talked to another person at the station who filled him in on all my dirt (whether or not I was married, that I had no kids, and my approximate age -- and yes, that major breach of confidentiality and etiquette was addressed with both the station manager and with the guilty party, but I digress....) 

He called in several other times telling me the same thing.  Finally I told him that as far as I knew (caution:  response definitely not e-hell approved) I didn't have an expiration date tattooed on my (hiney) and that my reproductive abilities were not up for discussion. 

And yeah, I know just how creepy-stalkerish that whole deal was...    ???

I wish I would have used it recently when a telephone installer was doing some work in our house.  When it was time to sign the form, I asked DH if he should sign because the account was in his name.  The installer said I might as well sign because the woman is the boss in this country.  ::) (He was an immigrant)

I should have said, "What an interesting assumption!" >:D


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