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Texas Mom:
I recently had the dubious honor of cleaning out a beloved relative's abode after his death.  He was on a fixed income and prided himself on giving the "perfect gift" to people he loved for Christmas.  After he bought it, he would wrap and tag it.

In the top of a closet was a "Christmas Box" with several gifts in them.

Should I get them to the recipients now?


I think I'd wait until Christmas and give them to the recipients then.  But I'd also include a note with the gift that explains how you came upon the gifts.

But I just thought of something:  Unless there is a gift for everyone there would have normally been one for, maybe you should give them privately.

I say yes, and I don't think you need to wait until Christmas. If the recipients choose to wait until Christmas to OPEN them, that's on them.


That was the intended destination. Most will be warmed by his thoughtfulness, even though it may seem to momentarilly bring back the grief.

I wouldn't wait until family gift giving next winter because some people, selfishly, may be hurt that their gifts hadn't been there yet. This is one happening that equal and fair do not apply.

(Not arguing with Shoo. I wrote at the same time. If there is no family gift time and gifts are just handed out when you happen to see people over the Holidays, then I might wait until then.)

First of all, I'm sorry for your loss.  Clearing out the home of a deceased relative is never easy.  It's bitter-sweet at best.

From the OP, it sounds like there aren't a great many of these gifts.  I would suggest contacting each of the intended recipients and asking how s/he'd like to handle the situation. 


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