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Harry Potter World at beginning of December - any tips for where to start?

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My family will be spending Thanksgiving with my father's side of the family this year.  My mom, wisely sensing that my sister and I were a wee bit on edge about it, suggested that the three of us could go on a recovery trip directly after.  The family lives in the south and after some back and forth about a beach cottage or city vacation, we thought about going to Harry Potter World.

None of us have been yet, but we are all huge fans.  My mom doesn't do well with the pressure of planning, so I am trying to look up stuff on my own to help out.  I am, however, not really sure where to start - do any ehellions familiar with this sort of trip have any tips for me?

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for theme parks in Central Florida. However the crowds vanish on the Monday after, though I would still expect Harry Potter to be very crowded.

Universal currently has some great ticket deals going and I strongly recommend that if you are staying overnight, to use their onsite hotels.  You can walk to the park from there and hotel guests have front-of-line privileges.  You can usually get a 2 park ticket for less then $10 more than a 1 park ticket.

As far as Harry Potter goes, be there at opening and do the rides first.  Save the picture taking and rambling explorations for after.  Definitely bring a camera, the theming is top notch. Due to the popularity of the franchise, this section of the park gets crowded fast. Expect to stand in line to even enter some stores (fire codes), especially Ollivanders.

The pumpkin juice is nasty but the butterbeer is pretty good.

I agree with asb8.  Be there early and go to the Hogwarts ride first!  If you love Harry Potter, you'll love the park!  My whole family are big fans and we were in heaven!  If you want to try and get picked for the wand to select you, it's a separate line than the one to just get into Ollivander's.  Make sure and have a butterbeer!  I found them very tasty!  The theming is fantastic!

As a local, I have had the fortune to visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter at least ten times. I hope you plan to stay in that area a few hours, since there are many things to do and explore.

Alas, my trip to this magical world is not going to happen anymore  :'(  While I am determined to make it there someday, we decided as a group to rent a mountain lodge for a week instead this year.  I'm actually pretty excited as the decor looks really nice and it has an indoor pool and hot tub! 


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