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turnip, interesting perspective. What it comes down to for me, is that if the couple in the OP believed as you do, I think it would be well-known among their social circle. The original poster was close to them, her daughter was their flower girl, and she didn't know anything about a philosophy or belief along these lines. She says that several other mutual friends are surprised by the non-legality of the marriage as well.

And if it wasn't known before, then surely in all the build-up to the wedding, all the wedding events, all the planning, etc., it would have been mentioned. Someone would make an innocent comment about taking a copy of the marriage license to the bank when they deposited wedding checks (a helpful tip I've read on here) or whatever, and the bride or groom would go, "What? Oh, no, we're not having a marriage license, we're staying legally single for XYZ reason..."

If it was a small, casual wedding with a couple who are private in their relationship celebrations, I could see how a belief like this might not be widely known. But with a BWW, and a couple who routinely hold parties for their relationship milestones, to me it feels like this information was deliberately concealed. For what purpose I don't know, but certainly personal gain of some kind comes to mind. And that's a dodgy way to treat your friends, I think.

POD Lynn2000. It's very hard to believe that during their entire 'marriage' and the lead-up to their large BWW event this point never came up at all. Either they're the flukiest people in the world, or they purposefully kept the truth of the matter from their so-called friends. We can't know for sure without more information, but if those are the two most likely options, the latter seems much more probable than the former, sadly.


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