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They didn't really get married, now what UPDATE POST 84, and 234 (page 16)

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You don't owe them anything.  Send your regrets and reduce them to Nodding Acquaintances.

Are they SURE they're not married? I don't want to get into legalities, but in some places a license and a ceremony are not required.

I would certainly send my regrets, and if they ask why, tell them. If not, then I think just distancing yourself is enough.

OP here, yes I am sure they are not married and no common law marriage where they live.


--- Quote from: EllenS on July 15, 2013, 04:25:31 PM ---I wouldn't say anything to them, about this or anything else.  Being lied to and manipulated into an elaborate public fraud...for the sake of money?  This is hovering very near the threshold for the Cut Direct, and may indeed have crossed it.

I assume you had reasons to feel so close and so fond of them as to be in their wedding, so for the sake of that friendship I might merely reduce them to the status of Nodding Acquaintence, rather than They Who No Longer Cast a Shadow, but it's a tough call.

Definitely would not attend any sham anniversary party, or any other invites.

--- End quote ---

This. And it wouldn't matter to me if they are considered married now. They went to a lot of trouble, and put a lot of other people to a lot of trouble, for a lie.

Out of curiosity, I would love to know what the paperwork was they signed.  Unless it was a traditional ketubah, that is taking it pretty far to deceive people.


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