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Barbecue Saturday - is this enough?

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Hello all!

I am hosting a barbecue at my home on Saturday.  There will be about 10 guests total, plus DH and I. 

The main purpose of the barbecue is to introduce people to new veggie burgers on the market.  I received free coupons for the veggie burgers and the guests will also receive tote bags and coupons from the manufacturer.  The fact that veggie burgers will be the main course was clearly stated on the invitation.

Along with the veggie burgers, buns and condiments I plan on having the following:

Apps – veggies and dip, chips and queso
Sides – potato salad, fruit salad, lettuce salad, homemade pickles
Dessert – caramel ice cream dessert
Beverages – beer, soft drinks, lemonade, water (we also have several of hard liquor available if anyone wants a mixed drink)

In the invitation, I asked if anyone had a food allergy that I needed to be aware of and no one responded. 

How does this menu look to everyone?  Too much?  Not enough? Do I need a second dessert or more appetizers?  I planned on getting the grill started at the designated time that the party will start (5:00 PM) so that we won’t be waiting forever for our burgers to be cooked (veggie burgers don’t take long anyhow). 

Thanks for any and all feedback!

How about some potato chips/pretzels?

Be warned that I would be very surprised to arrive at someone's personal bbq and be presented with giveaways from the manufacturer of the main course and I don't think my reaction would be unusual. You may want to make it very clear that not only are you serving the veggie burgers as the main course, but that you are going to be actively marketing and promoting them as well.

I have to agree with Dorie. While your menu sounds great--and I am always open to trying a new veggie burger--I would not be happy if the main focus of the BBQ is going to be marketing of the new burger. Is this a new MLM event and/or product?

I have to echo the previous posters. Will there be any active selling of the product during the barbecue? I would be more than happy to try them out but I would not wish to hear a presentation, etc.

Also, I would have a main dish alternative, in case anyone dislikes the new burger. For a group of 12, I will usually have an alternative main dish.

I think the menu is fine.

And if the party is the type I think, I don't think there is any marketing other than try the product and take a gift bag.

A friend does these types of events. She's had an xBox party, a party for some type of Kraft food product, and I think one for a cleaning device, but I don't remember specifics.

As a hostess, you get some freebies, and you get some product to share at the party. I think for the xBox, she got some type of new controller and a bunch of games for guests to play and then there was some game giveaways to the guests.

As long as the guests know the purpose of the party, I think you're fine.


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