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Author Topic: Also a Personal Mystery......  (Read 3039 times)

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Also a Personal Mystery......
« on: July 17, 2013, 08:13:32 PM »
About a week and a half ago, I had a battle of glares with a garbage truck as I was rounding a blind corner leading into my parking lot. I was already into the turn, but garbage truck kept moving toward my car (it was heading for the dumpster which I had already pass, so we were nose-to-nose). Being that I did not want the front end of my car trashed, I pulled as far over as I could so bignastygarbagetruck could go past me, but in the process I scraped the passenger side of my car against one of the wooden, painted support posts of the fence. I ended up with a dent in the rear passenger door, some deep scrapes in the fender over the tire, and lots of paint transfer. along both passenger side doors, some below the line of molding, a lot above it.

I was pretty bummed about the damage, but I can't afford to have bodywork done right now. I decided that I would go out on a nice but cooler day with a stool and some car polish to buff out what I could of the paint transfer.

Yesterday afternoon, I was headed toward the car to go run some errands. It was very sunny out, so I thought that was why I couldn't see the large whitish streaks along the two doors. Then I took a close look - all of the paint transfer above the molding had been buffed out! The only person I'd told about this incident was my BF, and he swears he didn't do it. I believe him - not only is he heat-intolerant, but he is also very averse to making the >40 minute drive from his house to mine.

So someone took the time to make my damage look better, and I don't know who. Made my week.
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Re: Also a Personal Mystery......
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2013, 12:19:13 PM »
I have a similar, but opposite, story from a few years ago.

DH (then new-DB) and I were travelling about 100 miles back from MyHomeTown, where he had met my family for the first time, to OldCity, where we lived (separately) then.  On the motorway, not only did the BIGGEST bug ever squooosh itself all over my windscreen, but my wiper blades were greasy and so I had a very smeared outlook.  We pulled into the services for a rest/cuppa tea and he decided that he would put some vinegar (from the café) on a napkin and clean the windscreen and wipers.  I went to the ladies' room and said I would meet him back at the car.

I walked over the car park to see him cleaning a *different* car's windscreen...they were both silver estate cars, but that was the only similarity. 

He nipped back to the café, got some more vinegary napkins, and then came and cleaned my car for me.  We still joke now about the other people who got into their car, thought something was odd but couldn't put their fingers on it, and then craved fish and chips for the rest of their journey.