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Travelling around Wyoming/National Parks


My DBF and I are planning on taking a two week driving tour starting and ending in Denver but taking in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands etc. Does anyone have any recommendations of where we should stop en route and any hidden gems? We're pretty adventurous so any suggestions welcome!

I've never driven in the States before either, so any tips for how to get around? What kind of accommodation should we avoid? Am I right in thinking B&Bs aren't the same thing as B&Bs in the UK?

I don't know anything about B&Bs in the UK but Bed & Breakfasts here tend to be quite nice. 

Try looking in a AAA travel guide at http://ww1.aaa.com/travel2/destination/travelGuideSearch.xhtml?&club=215&association&dt=1374523325516 for the parks you plan to visit.  They always have useful info. about hidden gems as well as hotels and restaurants.  You can trust their rating system, too.


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