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Not sure if this belongs here or the hostess section or family? Mods please move if its not located in the right spot :/

I had my mother and her boyfriend over last Friday and something was bugging me but not sure etiquette wise it was fine?

I hosted them and provided supper ie meat loaf, corn, some fruit. My mom in surprise brought over store bought cookies as "Dessert" after a bit of a power struggle in my own home about my daughter eating cookies I let her have one after dinner and then had it was a store bought package. When mom was going she went to my tupperware container area grabbed one off the shelf and said here " I will leave one each for you" and put the rest in the tupperware to bring home...  ???  I was a bit puzzled. Thought it was a bit rude but I didn't mention anything to mom. Whenever we go over there we leave the left overs and just take our containers home.

Is it possible that after the "power struggle" over not wanting your daughter to have one and not seeming to enjoy or appreciate them, she thought she was doing you a favour by taking them home?

I don't see anything wrong with her taking her cookies back.  You don't want your DD to have them (I am the same way, prefer healthy over junk), and you don't eat them.  I don't think she was rude as she did leave a few just in case and she knew you didn't want DD to have them.

Agree with the others that she probably just thought she was being helpful just leaving the cookies.  but it would have been polite for her to ask you if she should take the cookies.  She definitely should have asked before taking the tupperware. 

You didn't want the cookies and even had an "argument" about it. I would've taken the cookies with me as well.  Would you have been upset if she'd left the cookies?


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