• May 22, 2018, 06:47:53 PM

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Author Topic: Hmm, maybe I shouldn't make comments about drinking on their Facebook pic  (Read 9777 times)

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I really don't think a couple pictures of people legally drinking in bars are going to prevent employment unless complete sobriety is a requirement of the job.

I've done really well for myself and I'm sure there are plenty of party pictures of me up on facebook.

Also, I would ask your daughter how she feels. I know my family masks judgment with humor, so I'd be deleting similar comments from them, but that doesn't sound like they case here.


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I'm pretty sure my own kid knows that I'm kidding her on her page. She has said, "The only time I drink is when you offer it to me." And I had said that we should get her drunk safely at home before she goes, so she'd have a sense of how the process works and feels in her own body.

The other kids might not realize it's a joke, so that's why I suddenly stopped. In fact, I think I'm going to have a policy of not commenting on any posts that her college friends make, even if I can see them, etc.


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Yeah, I think the problem is more other people misunderstanding.  And if the joke is that she is drunk and not that she is jsut drinking it could potentially have unintended consequences.