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Situation: We were on a train - DH, DS and I. The train was rather full and there were few seats left. DS was in his small buggy which takes some manoeuvring through a narrow train aisle. There were two young kids about 7 years old who were messing about in the aisle between seats. I said "Excuse me please". Twice. People behind us tutted. The children just stood there looking at me. The lady I think was the mother was laughing with her friend and ignoring the kids.  My DH said "Excuse me please" and again they ignored. I pointedly looked at the lady, hoping she might sayssomething but she shrugged and made a comment about them being excited about going to the seaside that day.  I said "Can you sit down please?" Again,  not rudely or abruptly.  The kids sat down on the nearest seats so I could get the buggy through the aisle. The lady gave me the stink-eye.

The people behind us were I think relieved when we finally moved!  Should I have just waited for the kids to sit down or was I ok? 

You can't seriously think that saying "excuse me, please" is rude. Of course you were fine.

I don't think you were rude to ask them to move out of the way, but isn't the accepted wisdom that you park the buggy in the area by the doors then take the baby to the seat, rather than wheeling the buggy down the aisle? Certainly is in my part of the country.

The buggy port was full. We had to move down the carriage,  take Ds out of the buggy and then park the buggy in the bicycle area.

Our train station is closed for the summer for refurbishment. The only trains running are to the seaside town which is quite a journey away. This is not a usual occurrence as usually I just pick up DS and sit on the nearest seat whilst DH folds buggy and puts it in the baggage port as it's not usually full.

Everything is crazy at the station.  The whole schedule is confused with replacement bus services and had we had a clue what it would be like we'd never have gone to my parents house which is on the train route.


--- Quote from: Hollanda on July 20, 2013, 01:39:12 PM ---The buggy port was full.
--- End quote ---

I'm not sure what a 'buggy port' is - I'm referring to the big square area in the middle of the carriage where the doors are, from which you turn either left or right to get to the seats after you get on, unless you have different types of trains wherever you are.

--- Quote --- We had to move down the carriage,  take Ds out of the buggy and then park the buggy in the bicycle area.

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure I'm seeing why. Why not park the buggy in the bike area first then carry him to the seat? You were probably getting the stink eye not because you asked the kids to move, but because the other passengers thought you were going to block the aisle with the buggy when you sat down.


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