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Was I Rude?

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The place on our trains (uk) to park buggies is usually on the left hand side near the sliding doors.  Same area as for baggage.  If it's a full train and the buggy needs to be parked at yhe other end of the carriage, the only real option is to keep moving to the other end. I guess I could have taken DS out and carried him as soon as we got on the train but then DH would have had to fold up the buggy and carry that and the changing bag down the aisle.  Less hassle for me but carrying a folded buggy is unwieldy and awkward.

The was I rude bit related to me asking the kids to please sit down.

No issue on return journey. ..tge buggy was folded and put in baggage area as usual.

I'm in the UK too.

I've never seen anyone pushing a buggy down the aisle in my neck of the woods and I think it would raise eyebrows if anyone did that, because you're holding up the people behind you, etc (you said they were relieved when you finally moved).

No, you weren't rude in asking the kids to sit down but you were also creating a bottleneck with the buggy, and had you not been doing that the situation probably wouldn't have arisen in the first place.

Yes I concur with you on that Perpetua. Next time I'll know. :D if we'd realised how packed it was,  we'd have either carried him on the train or got on at another carriage further down.

Packed trains are no fun either way, are they... as a veteran of the suburban commute I can testify to that :)

I think really that I made an error in judgement,  did what I thought would be better for DS at the time and was wrong. The kids...yeah it was possible it was their first trip to the seaside and they were just so excited and didn't think about blocking the aisle. That said,  Mum there (or whoever was the parent) should have guided them towards good travel behaviour rather than saying nothing. After saying excuse me twice,  I realised I needed to be more direct.

I feel I made an error in trying to parent someone else's children. Of course it was not intended but that would have been the way it appeared.  :(


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