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thank you parents of "girl" for not giving in to her tantrum and for making her behave.

i saw them in a few stores and the mum had a firm grip on the childs hand and i heard her say "if you hadn't misbehaved you wouldn't have to hold my hand, but now you are holding it until we get home!"

girl tried to pull her hand free and whined and wailed but to no avail.

mum say us at one point and said "sorry"  ::) , i replied "don't worry about it".

I just want to hug those type of parents when I see them out..instead of the lady I saw the other day who told her kid (about 7) no.  Kid started screaming at her and hit her, telling her he hated her, so she grabbed what he wanted and put it in the cart :o :o I just shook my head.

I am seeing more of what my sister calls "parenting making a come back" lately. It's wonderful to see.  You know those are the parents that care about the type of adult their kids turn out to be.

Agreed.  We were in the airport yesterday and there was a family of four - mom, dad, baby I guess to be about six months and girl of about three.  Mom was holding the sleeping baby and dad was trying to entertain the little girl, but she kept trying to run across the concourse to the candy display.  When dad physically stopped her no less than five times, she began shrieking, stamping feet, flailing arms.

Dad picked her up, sat her butt firmly in a chair and said, "It is now time for you to be silent."  She opened her mouth again and he cut her off.  "Nope - silence - NOW."  Little girl obviously knew he meant business because despite sniffling righteously a few times, she was quiet!  I don't need silence to play Candy Crush in the boarding area but it sure is nice to be spared the screaming!

Saw one at an outdoor music festival we went to last week.  At the end of the day, we were waiting for the shuttle bus to take us  back to the parking lot where our car was.  There was a family with 5 little girls, from about 8 down to an infant.  When the bus arrived, it pulled in a few yards beyond the place where we were all waiting.  The little girls got excited and started running towards the bus, when their mom called them back: 'No!  You are in a line and you will stay in a line.  We will all get a turn to get on the bus'. And they all stopped dead and went back to their parents, to wait in line for the bus.


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