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--- Quote from: Piratelvr1121 on August 15, 2013, 04:15:49 PM ---Ahh, you've had to do that too, hmm?  I have to hold him away from the side of the tub to pour water over his head since he really does not like having water poured over his head, it seems, and I think he just doesn't like getting water in his eyes.  And that I can understand, I never did like having water running into my eyes (and my shampoo is not tear free like his is) and hated it at his age too.  Least I'm sure I did. 

Heehee...last time I rinsed out his hair I popped an M&M into his mouth right before I did it and he didn't scream cause he wanted to keep that M&M in his mouth.  >:D

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That is devilishly clever!

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Heehee...what can I say? The child really loves chocolate in all forms.  :)

 Just wanted to add my 2 cents as both a mom and a retail employee.  For me, it's more the way a parent is handling a tantrum situation than the actual tantrum (or other negative behavior). You can usually tell the difference between a parent doing the "not care" ignore and the "lord let the earth open and swallow me /trying everyting I can" type of ignore. My heart goes out to those parents

Most of the time my child saves his worst behavior for me at home - but occasionally I've had those "crawl under a rock" moments in public.  It happens, and for me I say "ppppbbbblllltttt" to anyone that judges me and my parenting skills on those days

Not quite sure where to put this but my flabber was gasted. 

Yesterday, we went out to Governor's Island to see Fete Paradiso.  This is a show of 19th and early 20th century French carnival attractions.  Naturally, there were tons of children. 

The island also has great bike paths, a miniature golf course, several small museums and picnic areas.  It's very popular, especially so since it's only open on weekends and the ferry is free.

Picture it.  A long line in the sun for a free ferry, enthusiastic kids, lots of bikes, lots of big strollers and plenty of folks with multiple picnic hampers.  One group even had a huge bag of Mylar balloons for a Birthday party.

Does it sound like a recipe for disaster?  It was exactly the opposite.  Everybody followed the instructions of the ferry crew...bikes to the left, strollers to the right and move back, please.     

Of course, there was a lot of excited chatter among the children but there were no meltdowns and no ear-piercing shrieks.  The ferry was full but the ride was actually pleasant. 

Even at the fete, the kids were surprisingly well-behaved. 

A lot of parents seem to be doing things right. 


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