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How to politely say... "I'm almost an adult?"

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Harriet Jones:

--- Quote from: Amara on July 20, 2013, 03:13:08 PM ---Why did they take the car away? Who paid for the car, and who pays the ongoing costs?

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This.  Car payment, insurance payment, maintenance, gas?  IIRC, your parents have given you a credit card you use to pay for gas.  How much of the rest of your life are they paying for?  Will they be paying for your college or other further schooling?   If the silent treatment at age 18 is where you're wanting to go, please be aware that it can go both ways and they don't have to fund your life at that point.

Who owns the car?
Who pays for the ongoing costs of the car?
Why did they take it away from you?

The answers to these - especially the two first - make all the difference in how to handle this.


--- Quote from: bellacullen on July 20, 2013, 03:07:08 PM ---OK so my parents took my car away for the summer.

How can I get them to understand they are being totally unfair and get them to see that in 6 months they won't be able to control me any longer? Without screaming and acting like the child they think I am.

I'm looking for a polite phrase to let them know they are only making it so that once I do turn 18 I will no longer speak to them.
Thanks for your help.

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There's absolutely no way you can tell them that without sounding like the petulant 17 y/o I was. You're going to be an adult so I suggest you start practicing now and either accept what they did or discuss it with them rationally. By rationally I mean no accusations, threats, etc.

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