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Author Topic: Domestic messiness  (Read 12616 times)

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Re: Domestic messiness
« Reply #30 on: July 24, 2013, 07:02:20 PM »
My name is Girlie, and I am a slob.

It drives my husband to distraction - when he is not also acting in a similarly slovenly fashion (which is most of the time). He is always fussing at me about putting things back where I found them, which is awfully funny, since I don't think in the eight years that I've known him has he ever voluntarily put a used cup in the sink. lol. We're both messy, in different ways, but it works out for the most part.

The really strange part of it all is that I'm the exact opposite at work. If my desk at work is not perfectly orderly, I have a hard time focusing on the work at hand. My co-workers are under the odd impression that I am terribly neat, tidy, and organized. If only, if only!
At work I was a neat, organized employee.  For my own sanity I had to have returned all my phone calls and have my desk cleaned off every night so that in the morning I could feel in control of a job that required lots of multitasking.

I'm the same.  I HATE when my tools aren't exactly where they should be at work; I have my bench arranged in a very specific way so when I need a tool, I just reach, I don't have to search.  Unless someone moves or borrows something.  Rrrrghh.
"After all this time?"