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Headed to New Orleans

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Dr. F.:
on sunday, for 4 days, for a conference. I'm staying right on the border between downtown and the French Quarter. I've been there before, but would love to hear everyone's must do, must see, and must eat lists!

Cochon and Boucherie are two of my favorites. Have tried GW Fins once and it was really enjoyable.

We always make a stop at Mothers each trip and of course Cafe Dumonde and Southern Candymakers.

My sister is currently raving about Cake Cafe for their breakfasts.

If you have a car, go to Parkway Tavern for a po boy.  Cake Cafe has good food - their white cake with almond frosting is really good, but I don't know that I'd put it on my must haves for New Orleans.  I'd do a ghost tour in the French Quarter - it is lots of fun and you get to hear stories and some history of the area.  Carousel bar is an interesting place to get a drink.  I still have a soft spot for Galatoire's and I also love Luke's (get a French 75!). 

Gallery Rinard!

They specialize in comical animal art.  We got a print of "Personal Space" by Eric Litwin featuring Pete the Cat!

For some reason my image isn't showing, but you can see it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/155655730842906290/

If you have some time, the WWII museum is wonderful.
The Ghost tours are really fun.
When I was there with my MIL, we did a horse and carriage ride around the French Quarter and it was entertaining, though I'm not sure how historically accurate.
My favorite way to spend an afternoon is browing the antique stores and art galleries along St Charles and Julia.


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