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Cz. Burrito:

If ever there were a time for Complete Silence I'd say this would be it.  So that she can focus on losing the ~145+130 lbs that are terribly concerned for her "health."

Yeah, I saw that too and couldn't believe it. I already am thankful I have such a nice, enjoyable MIL. But now that I went on birth control and abruptly gained 35 pounds and I see how a MIL could react, I'm VERY thankful.

Cz. Burrito:
I have a friend who abruptly gained 50 lbs after going on birth control.  But apparently since it never happened to her, this must just be about being lazy and eating a lot of pizza and not "taking care of herself."

Not that the issue at hand here actually has anything to do with why she gained the weight and if she is or is not healthy at this new weight and/or if there are underlying health problems that should be addressed.   >:(

Reading things like that make me wish I could contact the girlfriend and tell her to get out, now.  Some people are so unbelievably shallow.

It also makes me immensely thankful for my own MIL who, when I gained weight after having my third child in my 30's, she only ever said I look good and healthy.  And has never once made a negative comment about my weight in the 15 years I've been with her son. 

This girlfriend is in for a world of hurt if she stays with this guy. I'm sure the LW's utter lack of boundaries will bleed over into other areas of life as well. I can just see the future letters now: My DIL doesn't clean the house exactly like I do! My DIL doesn't raise the kids the way I want her to!


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