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Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life

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I have two stories.  The first was from when I was in second grade.  I was in chorus and we lined up by height.  Apparently I had a dream in which I was moved from the second row to the fourth because I was just so tall.  I was then situated between the two most popular girls.  So during the next practice I entered the practice room and proceeded to sit between them.  When they asked what I was doing, I informed them that the teacher had moved me during the last class.  She hadn't. Cue embarrassment.

More recently I had a dream about "The Pirates of Penzance"  I didn't remember having it, but I apparently took on my dream as the actual play that I'd seen part of.  When someone asked what it was about, I was about to explain it was a musical about Hell.  Only the fact that I couldn't remember how it ended kept me from telling the random person all about the Pirate Hell-Battle.  I looked it up later and was so happy I hadn't told the poor stranger about it.

But you get to hear about it:

You see, it starts with a devil figure in Hell. We later learn was born a cat and stumbled onto an entrance to Hell while trying to protect/avenge his younger brother.  And then he accidentally became the overseer.  He has minions: The Pirates of Penzance.  They sing and dance and prance! (No prancing!).  Then we focus on a newcomer.  Another devil figure who wants to become part of the circle of high demons (or something similar) and must defeat a current demon in battle.  He arrives by boat to battle the Cat-Devil.   They push each other into the river a lot.  The devils pushed each other into the river a lot.  The always crawled out before they were washed off stage.  I assume the loser is the one who couldn't crawl back out.  Which is how Cat-Devil accidentally became the overseer (in my head).  You see,  when he fell out of the hell portal he landed on the devil and knocked him into the river, thusly becoming the new ruler.

No idea what the rest of the plot was, or why it was called "The Pirates of Penzance" and not "Cat-Devil Fights for his Life". 

No clue how he transformed from cat to humanoid.

Not quite the same, because I knew (in theory anyway) that it was a dream.  I dreamt that someone I knew had murdered someone and the body was in a freezer.  In the dream I knew I should go to the police, but I didn't.  I think the body was found, but I don't remember what happened to me. 

I felt so incredibly guilty and physically sick about it for at least a week!  Even though I knew it had to have been a dream, it felt so real that I just couldn't shake the guilt.

Jape, I've done something similar (known it was a dream, but felt bad about it)

Last year I dreamed about going to a baby shower for my sister.  She is younger than me by about 3 years, but has always tended to "grow up" faster.  The important part of that, as it pertains to this story, is that she started dating first.  She will likely get married (already talking about it!) and have kids first.  There is a part of me that recognizes that and is already a little jealous.

So in the dream I had moved past jealousy and was just so happy I was going to be an Aunty.  I was happy and content and warm and fuzzy.  When I woke up and realized it was a dream I moped for the rest of the day as if I had lost something.  I've never felt so terrible in my life.  It was as if she had actually been pregnant and lost the baby.  :'(

I've had dreams of arguing with my mother so real that I woke up angry with her over some ridiculous thing. It happened so often that sometimes I'd go to her first thing in the morning and ask her if I was mad at her. When she gave me a funny look, I'd mutter something about having dreamt it and wander off.

Usually the day before a big event (starting a new job, leaving on vacation, something people are relying on me for) I'll constantly have nightmares about something going wrong or my alarm not going off or other various terrible mishaps. I don't get any sleep and when I actually get up the next day, I can remember each of them like they had happened. It gets really weird because I can remember my alarm not going off and me not getting up until several hours later, and when I am up and around, I keep thinking that I should still be in bed, that my alarm didn't get me up.

When I was little, I had recurring dreams that I could fly. I would jump off the bar on the swingset and just decide not to hit the ground, and soar around the back yard.

I didn't know why it only worked sometimes.. other times (when I was awake), I just got skinned grassy knees from jumping off the bar.


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