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Author Topic: Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life  (Read 15225 times)

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I had an appallingly bad dream a few months back.

My house is on a block with a long driveway, which is my only street frontage.  It's a semi-rural area, lots of neighbours have chickens, cows, sheep etc.

I dreamed that I was outside, with my two little dogs, when a panicky stampede of cows, sheep, assorted poultry, horses etc, many with gaping bloody wounds or partly eviscerated, came down the driveway towards the house.  The dogs went to see what was happening down on the street end, and Suzi came back.  Molly didn't.  So I ran down the driveway, in time to see a large, dark dog pick her up in his jaws and shake her to death.  I remember screaming 'Molly, no!!' and burst into tears.

And woke up in tears, shaking, feeling sick and upset.  I hugged the dogs for ages, then got up - no more sleep for me that night! 

Later on, after the sun was up, I let the dogs out into the yard.  As I was watching them play, I kid you not, the exact same large, dark dog came waltzing down the driveway like he owned the place.  I rushed outside, thinking 'this is ridiculous, I dreamed this, gotta rescue the dogs' and other sheer panic thoughts. 

Thank Dog, the girls broke the dream - they saw the interloper, started yapping up a storm, and chased him back down the driveway, tail between his legs.  They came back grinning from ear to ear, very proud of having protected me from the Dark Stranger. 

I was a teary mess again, of course.  My two little tiny dogs (the biggest is 15lbs) chasing off this very large dog who was at least Rottweiler size.  It could have so easily turned out the way I dreamed it.

I had a gate put up in the driveway not long after.

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Re: Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life
« Reply #31 on: September 04, 2013, 09:28:35 AM »
BG info: My parents had put a deposit on a new house in Florida earlier that year.

One morning, I woke up crying and screaming. Why? Because I had dreamt that the owners of the house my parents were going to purchase had decided to sell it to someone else.

Never mind my parents would be traveling to purchase it and sign the final papers very soon. Never mind nobody else had put an offer on it. Never mind the owners had already bought a new- and bigger- house and could use the money.

I still had that horrendous nightmare. Father told me that it was NOT going to be sold to someone else. Mother said that we could sue if that were to happen.

So why did I have that dream, if the parents could have found another place to live in Pigsburg very easily?

Years later, I told my boyfriend about the nightmare. He said "THAT much you wanted to move?".

Indeed. And how.
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Re: Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life
« Reply #32 on: September 04, 2013, 03:05:56 PM »
I thought of one the other day.  I never remember my dreams, well except for an occasional one that is so traumatic it bleeds through into my conscious mind.  When pregnant I had one of those.  In the dream, I'd had my baby and when she was still very young I spent the day shopping, like mall shopping.  DD was in a car seat that I carried in one arm very low.  Then I looked down and DD was gone.  Missing.  As if she'd fallen out and I hadn't noticed.  It didn't take a dream analysis book to know that I was scared of "losing" my baby. 

I never ever used a car seat outside of the car.  I thought it was a horrible idea.  Of course, it seem cramped and that more movement is a good thing.  But, the other day it occurred to me that my horror is based on the dream. 


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Re: Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life
« Reply #33 on: September 04, 2013, 04:09:31 PM »
Fascinating! I have pretty vivid dreams and sometimes I know that I'm dreaming while it's happening. Sometimes when I first wake up I'm still kind of disoriented and I think something from the dream is real, but so far I've managed to not bother anyone else with them. :D

I remember once in college I had been up late studying and then had to get up early for my class, so not much sleep. I had dreamed I was Harrison Ford's personal assistant and he'd left his wallet at a gas station, and I had to go and get it for him. I think I was halfway through brushing my teeth when I finally realized this wasn't true and I didn't have to figure out how to get to this gas station when I had a test to take today.

I used to have a lot of dreams about people coming into my apartment and I couldn't stop them. I have a strong metal door with a deadbolt, but this was more like people from the landlord coming in with their key, and I don't have a chain or anything to indicate I'm actually home. So I finally, in real life, started to put something in front of the door--not to block it, but if someone opened the door it would fall over and make a loud noise and wake me up, and indicate to them that someone was home. And since I started doing that, I've had that type of dream a lot less.

Recently I had a dream with a cool sci-fi storyline involving androids, and during the dream I was kind of standing back watching it going, "Oh, please let this be a movie I saw once, not a dream, because I really want to rent it and see it again!" I kept trying to look for signs that it was a dream or not--like if it starred one of my co-workers, for instance, that would be a sign it was a dream. And then when I woke up and shook myself a little I realized it was, in fact, a dream, so I couldn't watch the movie again. :(

I do sometimes have the "I'm mad at you because of something you did in my dream" thing, but since I live alone I usually shake it off before I have to actually see the person, and at most I can tease them about it instead of being actually angry. ;)


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Re: Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life
« Reply #34 on: September 05, 2013, 12:21:20 AM »
Last night, I dreamt that yesterday I didn't go to work. I skived off and went to a museum instead. I woke up so paranoid about what my boss was going to say today, and so scared that I'd get in trouble.

Took me a good 10 minutes to convince myself that I did go to work yesterday, and everything's fine!


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Re: Dreams that you thought were real, and how they affected your everyday life
« Reply #35 on: September 05, 2013, 01:11:44 AM »
After a particularly stressful day at work due to some co-irkers being idiots, I had a dream that necromorphs (monsters from the Dead Space video game series) were eating said people.

The following day when I passed one of them in the hall, I had to bite my lip from saying, "Wow, you recovered really well from having your face eaten!"

It has resulted in a new writing project. Like I need another one with the others I have floating around in my brain.