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Coordination, perhaps?

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shhh its me:
  I think its more a matter of following the rule " Invite those you wish to invite. Don't assume they can't come"  even though obviously you're not going to fly in for a rehearsal dinner and then not going to the wedding the next day. It's not just coordinating who isn't coming to the wedding but why their aren't coming to the wedding. If 5 people declined the wedding who were on the RD guest list , one lives far away , two is having surgery 3 days before the wedding , three is working the night of the wedding , four didn't give a reason why but they live a medium distance , five declined and there are no "obvious"reasons why. Which do you still invite to the RD? Let's say you invite three and five.......One is annoyed because you invited all and sundry to the RH and knows the " invite those you wish to invite...." rule and assumes you didn't really want them at the wedding you just invited them as a gift grab. Two is hurt because  you didn't invite her but invited her brother five so you must dislike her.  Four is unavailable the night of the wedding but really wanted to celebrate with the HP and she never gets invited to "minor stuff" because she lives 400 miles away and feels really disconnected from the family.   It's a bit silly. They know you aren't coming but they followed the simple rule 


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