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Tomorrow will be the first time I might have to host a couple of friend and their new addition (he's less that two month old), during one of our groups get together.

I was wondering what should I prepare in advance or tell them when they get here.
Since there's no room in the bathroom I already planned on having a towel on the bed for a diaper change and offer the room as a quiet place for the little one to sleep if he needs (we only have a bedroom, a living room and kitchen, bathroom - I do hope the other guest won't go in the room* but I don't mind for him or for the parents if they need a few moments to themselves).

Since it's a get together and cook kind of thing there's free reign on the kitchen and fridge if they need to put stuff in it or plug and appliance or whatever, there's not really a notion of 'hosting' baring telling people where they can find the potato peeler.

Anything I could be overlooking?

*Not that I think my 'guests' are huge boars, but it's a small place and they were used to only having my SO live here, and he didn't mind people in his room when there were parties so that people could spread out. They are respectfull and all that but you never know. And closing the door for all the evening is not an option due to the heat.

Sounds pretty good to me.  You are a very thoughtful host!

Sounds like you have all the bases covered - just make sure there's an extra towel (in case of messes) and a trash can nearby, but otherwise it's great.

If the mom is breastfeeding, she might also want to use the bedroom for that. Or she may be comfortable breastfeeding in public--people vary widely on this.

If you have a washer and dryer in your house, they actually make a very good changing table. The height is much more comfortable than a bed or the floor, and they are easy to clean. Just cover with a washable blanket or towel.

Come up with a plan for diaper disposal (my current fave w/ kitty little: put it in a plastic grocery bag, twist the top all the way down to the item, and tie the long tail in a tight knot; toss it in the regular garbage). Reveal it early on, so the mom knows.


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