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--- Quote from: RebeccainGA on July 25, 2013, 10:37:24 AM ---Sounds like you have all the bases covered - just make sure there's an extra towel (in case of messes) and a trash can nearby, but otherwise it's great.

--- End quote ---

Yes.  I used to hate to carry out a dirty diaper and say "Where would you like me to throw this away?"

I think you've got it pretty well covered, too. Social functions are actually pretty easy (or were for me, IIRC) until the kid becomes mobile.

I think you're wonderful for planning ahead. I do like the quiet room for baby and mom.

I would put some sort of plastic down under the towel -- a kitchen-sized garbage bag should suffice -- in order to protect your bed in case of leakage.

Oh Joy:
Sounds good.  Only question - any pets?

gramma dishes:
You are a thoughtful hostess.

But if this is the couple's first child, my bet is that they bring pretty much everything they might even POSSIBLY need with them.  First time parents tend to think they need all their stuff no matter where they go. 

So it's likely they'll bring a diaper changing pad, some sort of "box" for the baby to sleep in (and hopefully he will do just that), and plastic bags, etc. for diaper changes. 

But be prepared that they also might haul in a small swing or jiggly seat, a Pack n' Play, and pretty much anything else they can jam into their trunk.  Just smile.  They'll learn that they don't have to pack up their whole house every time they visit someone for a few hours.  ;-)


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