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Background: Earlier this week, the doorbell rang. By the time I got to the door, there was no one there, two boxes were sitting on the porch and I could see the UPS guy getting into his truck across the street.

The packages were not for me, but for someone with an address similar to mine. Think 27 North Wandle Avenue vs. 27 South Wandle Street. Similar, but not the same. The two streets are about 3 blocks apart.

This is the fifth time this has happened this year, with this carrier. One time, when the package was delivered on a Friday and was clearly marked as perishable food, I drove over to the other house and left it on their doorstep, as no one was home.

But all the other times, I did what I did this week--call UPS, tell them the problem, get instructions to leave the packages outside my front door the following morning, and they'd be picked up. And indeed, when I got home from work, the packages were gone.

Well, last night I got a very angry message from the person the packages were for. From what I can gather, he hasn't gotten them yet. UPS didn't find them outside my front door. The recipient is very angry and wants to know what I'm going to do about this. He also stated that if I'd have just gotten in my car and brought the packages to his house, this wouldn't have happened. Which is true, but I feel UPS deserves the inconvenience of picking up the mis-delivered goods and explaining to the recipient why they are being delivered late.

I don't know if he thinks I've stolen the packages or what. I don't know why he isn't angry at UPS. And I'm upset at UPS for giving out my name and phone number--there's no way he could have gotten it without them.

My question is, do I have to return his phone call? I really don't want to.

My other question is, how do I address giving out my name and phone number with UPS? Because I think they erred there.

Outdoor Girl:
If your phone number is unlisted, I would be tearing a strip off of UPS for divulging your private information.  And I would be making a call to the non-emergency number for the police to report the somewhat threatening phone call.  I would NOT return this guy's phone call.

You are under no obligation to do anything about this.  You didn't order the packages, you didn't deliver them to the wrong location and you didn't sign for them.  They were never in your possession.  Angry man needs to get angry with the correct party here and that would be UPS.

UPS is way out of line for giving out your information.  Do not call the "neighbor" back but escalate this with UPS and demand to know how they will make this right for you. 

If you have someone's address, you can get their name and number, so it's possible UPS didn't give him that info.

I wouldn't return the call.  Accept no more responsibility in this.

starry diadem:
Whoa, no.  NOT your responsibility to deliver this person's parcel to him.  And it is absolutely not for you to do anything more than you have. Are you UPS?  No, you aren't.  It was their mistake, and you did the best you could to rectify it. 

I would certainly make a formal complaint to UPS about giving out your telephone number and address.  That is so far beyond the line as to be in a different state. How *dare* they give out your personal information? What if this person turns up at your door? How dare they put you at any sort of risk like that?  So yes, make a formal complaint to them and to whoever else in the US would be a relevant authority.

As for the boor who called to berate you, IF you decide to return his call - and I am with the other posters that it's not necessary - then a cool reminder that you are not a delivery service and that you followed the instructions given to you by UPS should be all you accord him.  That and a recommendation he turn his ire on the responsible party, and that is not you.


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