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Keeping burgers warm?

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Layla Miller:
Burgers were partly because a bunch of sales aligned that made it fairly inexpensive to buy supplies for a largish group of people.  DH isn't as much about socializing with guys as not wanting to miss half of his daughter's first birthday party.  Depending on how many people will be there, we'll see how early he needs to start cooking them.  We're going to have other stuff like hot dogs (kept warm in a crock pot), so this won't be the only meat there.

The Coke idea sounds interesting.  I'll see what DH thinks about it.

Thanks again!

I was going to suggest a beef broth in the pan to keep them from drying out. I think the broth adds a little something to the burgers.

Coke? That's rather interesting! Maybe I'll try that next time.

Also, like kudeebee suggested . . . cook until just before done. The burgers will continue to cook during the warming.

I haven't heard about cola but, in the museum cafe, partially cooked burgers were kept in a container of beef broth at the back of the grill until they were ordered.  The burgers were then grilled under a dome.  The final cooking was very quick.  The burgs were always juicy and delicious. 

I have a big crockpot, oval type shape, that has a low, high and warm setting. 

We have made hot dogs earlier for parties and then put them in this crockpot on the warm setting.

If you have something like this, this is what I would do for the burgers. 

I volunteer in concession stands a lot and we keep the burgers in a crockpot filled with water and au jus.  It keeps the burgers moist and gives them a good flavor.  You can also used the heavy duty foil pans with the water and au jus on your BBQ set on low.  As long as the temp stay above 160 degrees F it should be ok.


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