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 I was at Walmart tonight with my SIL, getting school supplies for her kids. The lady ahead of us was talking with the cashier about her purchases. It seems that this lady has no kids but loves buying school supplies - and takes advantage of the school supply sales to buy two unknown kids all of the things on their school supply lists and then drops it off at the school where her niece and nephew go. This year she also purchased 80 boxes of crayons, beyond the lists. What she is doing with those is holding 65 til March and sending in 15 on the first day of school - because she says "Teachers spend way too much of their own money on supplying folks kids" the other 65 will be sent in March "when all the kids have lost or broken their crayons and need new ones" she will make sure all the kids in the 3rd and 5th grades get new crayons in March - and the extras will be given to random kids by the school counselor.
  I thought it was so nice.

This is really nice of her - I had itemized deductions of several thousand for the supplies I bought last year. Who knew that you could spend $300 on just pencils and pens?

That is a very kind gesture. I really like how she is going to store them until March, too.


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