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Bday party question...late guests

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I am having an activity type birthday party for my youngest kiddo.

One of the guests RSVP'd in the positive but added "you know I might be late  :)."

Thing is, this is an activity and it's difficult to add players once game has started so I responded with "That's fine but the kids might have to sit out the first game if they are late. The game will start @ X:00. They can play the 2nd game if they aren't too late. I hope that's okay." 

Now I'm wondering if I was rude in my delivery.


No, not rude at all! You were clear, and perfectly polite.

Not rude at all, you are letting them know useful information about the parties agenda.  They have the information ahead of time so they won't be surprised when they show up and have to wait to join in, not can they question why you didn't wait for them (which would be rude, but being on this board has taught me anything is possible!).

I think you handled that well.  Now they know your plan for the party and as inviteseller pointed out, they can't complain that the whole party wasn't stopped to await their arrival.

I think your response was absoluetly fine.

Just curious -- how long does the game last? (How long will the late ones have to sit out before they can participate?)


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