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Thank you to mods.

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I just wanted to say "thank you" to the moderators for their role in keeping the board running as smoothly as it does.  Especially for responding quickly to concerns about topics which need attention.  I imagine it's a difficult task at times, so wanted to show my appreciation for a forum which is comfortable and welcoming, yet with clearly defined rules and effective management.

I suspect we tend to take the forum for granted at times, but I understand it takes time and money to run, so thank you also to Ehelldame for providing this facility.

I agree, thank you very much for all you do!

Me 3. I don't know what I would do without eHell.

It is such a lovely, supportive community and the mods do such a great job of keeping it that way.

A big thanks from me too.
I may not post very much these days, because I'm often too distracted to do so or because when I see a topic I can say something about,  people have already said the same thing.
But I am around a lot, and I read almost everything.

Mental Magpie:
Thank you, mods!


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