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Had to pull out of bday party

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The only thing I'd say is to consider your child's energy levels and the distance you'd need to travel before you accept an invite.

It might be predictable that a long bus trip would be hard on him at that time of day (then again, maybe it wasn't), in which case your life will be easier (as will the hostess's) if you're honest with yourself beforehand.

Usually he would be fine at that. He loves buses and quite happily sits and talks at people.  We quite often travel places an hour away but only when DS is happy. This place is about an hour away give or take and we'd planned to take lots of toys for ds anyway in case he got bored there or back. Unlikely but we plan for everything these days!

The reason he wasn't himself was he was coming down with a horrid cold. And croup cough which he gets with a cold. So yeah we were right really not to go as a mutual friend took her very small baby. I'd have felt awful had the baby picked up the cold.

It's hard sometimes to gauge what he's ok with because things can change at a moments notice.  We can plan meticulously and still get it wrong!  8)


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