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A coworker of mine was diagnosed with cancer.  It started as a small tumor on the bridge of her nose.  Newly divorced and in desperate need of the job she had just taken, she was nervous about asking for too much time off to get her radiation treatments.  It turned out not to be a problem with the bosses and they were very understanding and were as flexible with her schedule as they could be. 

She had to travel to the nearby large city via ferry for the treatments and afterwards was too worn out for public transportation.  The fees for car and driver on the ferries was adding up and becoming a hardship, so we took up a collection around the office to buy ferry tickets for her.  Since our company did business with the state run ferry system our Vice President called her contact there to see about getting a reduced price on the tickets.  Within an hour, a representative from the ferry system showed up at the office with the tickets in hand.  No charge.....and let them know when coworker needs more.  Apparently, there is a program offering free ferry travel for those with medical need to get to the awesome care in the large city.

All that is wonderful by itself, but it was through this situation that I was able to help out the family of Oogydad's coworker when their child was hospitalized in the burn center.  I told them about the program, so they were able to eliminate the highest cost of their travel.

What a great program! So glad you were able to use what you knew for another family who needed it. I hope your friends are doing well.

That is so very kind!


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