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I changed my hair color recently. it did not result in the subtle shade I wanted, which is disappointing but par for the course on at home dye jobs in my own experience, but it's not a bad look.  I feel like it's a dramatic change but so far am running about 50/50 on people even noticing.

I walked out of a meeting today with some coworkers and paused to say hi to a few of the people waiting for the meeting room.  One (who I don't like to begin with) says loudly, "you changed your hair, what's up with that?"

Cue silence from me.  I almost reflexively said something to smooth out the awkwardness of the monent but thought of EH and said nothing instead. I know he was being jokey rather than deliberately rude, but honestly, is there a worse way to point out a change in someone's appearance?

Sigh.  Some people are just idiots.

Mental Magpie:
What on earth did he mean by "What's up with that?"  I probably would have responded in my confusion.  "What do you mean 'what's up with that'?  I got hair dye and dyed my hair.  What more do you want to know?"

I think complete silence was probably a better way to go, though.

Raise one eyebrow and stare at the guy very briefly - think of the classic Vulcan manner Nimoy used so effectively on the original series - shrug - and turn away.  You must get the idea across that you just do not understand what just happened - so you are going to politely ignore it. 

Good for you for remembering this useful EH (non)response!  I've used it a couple of times lately. I carry a purse with quite a few things in it. It probably weighs 5 pounds - I don't really know. It's what works for me, KWIM?

A couple of times recently, someone has made mention of the weight  - once was the dental hygenist who set it aside as I was getting into the chair (which I was ok with her picking it up) and the 2nd time was at church when I had set my bag on a table too close to the edge and it dumped over. I quickly picked up and moved it.

Both times, I received a comment - "wow, that's really heavy" and "you sure carry a lot of stuff."   I used to make a comment, but any more, I don't say anything and just let the words hang in the air.  I think it gets my feelings across that I don't really want to hear what they have to say about it.


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