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A minor "who says that?!" moment

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Mental Magpie:

--- Quote from: lilfox on July 31, 2013, 12:13:52 PM ---
--- Quote from: jayhawk on July 31, 2013, 10:51:24 AM ---Thanks, MM. I do like "Yes, it is."

--- End quote ---

This is exactly what I would have said if the original comment had just been "You changed your hair!"  "Yes, yes I did."  Straight-up statements of fact don't need anything more than a simple acknowledgment.  If there's any implied judgment, it lets the statement just hang there.

FWIW, the commented clearly noticed his own awkwardness-creating moment and emailed me later on to say "Congratulations!* You look good!"  The congratulations was for my now-obvious pregnancy, which someone else had mentioned right before he made the hair comment.  So hey, at least his initial reaction wasn't "You're pregnant, what's up with that??"   :P

--- End quote ---

I'm glad he noticed himself and went out of his way to correct his mistake.  Maybe there is hope for him yet!

jayhawk, you're welcome :D

The "yes it is" reply reminds me of a moment in the movie, Notting Hill. Hugh Grant is at a friend's house for dinner for a blind date with a coworker of the friend. Friend's wife is in a wheelchair and the coworker walks into the house and immediately says to the wife, "You're in a wheelchair!" The wife, just matter of factly replies, "Yes I am!"

It's a funny moment because the coworker is just one of those people who is naturally inappropriate (great for comedy) and of course the date doesn't work out which is immediately predictable. But the wife just handles the comment with such aplomb!

Yes it is or Yes I am or similar can be such a good answer at times.


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