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Author Topic: "But things are different now!"  (Read 16463 times)

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Re: "But things are different now!"
« Reply #30 on: August 02, 2013, 07:12:02 AM »
I really don't see the problem with a boy wearing a cute onesie with a daisy on it, or a girl wearing a cute onesie with a dinosaur on it. They're only going to spit up on it in an hour and need to be changed anyway!


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Re: "But things are different now!"
« Reply #31 on: August 02, 2013, 09:09:20 AM »
I agree, although in my mind a navy, orange, red, brown, green or red car seat would all be gender neutral. Apparently some people don't agree.

I don't think ANY colours have gender. I know a lot of people disagree but when I hear people saying that pink is a girl colour or that blue is for boys I honestly boggle. I like to buy little kid bright fun things with dinosaurs or spaceships on them.

I agree--but many people find it really hard. And, if you're out and about, people sometimes (when they don't have a brain fart) rely on the color to use the right pronoun. And it bugs some parents to have people use the wrong one.

So if I'm giving a gift to someone else, I figure it's safest to respect that cultural color-assignment.

And I was amazed, when my DD was a toddler, at how tremendously *marked* all the girls' clothes were. I wanted to buy her khaki shorts and jeans, figuring that I could save them for The Baby to Be Named Later, but they *all* had lace, pink, etc. I ended up buying her pants (and sometimes even shirts) in the boys' department.


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Re: "But things are different now!"
« Reply #32 on: August 02, 2013, 09:40:58 AM »
I LOVED the little corduroy overalls Montgomery Ward used to sell.   They were sturdy, they came in half a dozen colors and they lasted through all 3 girls.  I had #2 out one day wearing the red overalls with some girly top and somebody called her a boy.  I, nicely (wasn't ticked off, yet...) pointed out that thank you, but she's a girl.  And got treated to a LONG lecture on how I had totally misclothed my child by putting her in red overalls, those were BOYS pants, and WHAT did I THINK I was DOING?!?!?  Eleventy?!?!?!?!?!?  I had clearly and deliberately grossly offended the woman by putting my <2 year old child in red overalls.  Regardless of whatever lacy/frilly top was on the top half of the child.  Or that she'd been standing right there when I called the child by her name - Katy...  Such a boy name, doncha know!

It taught me a HUGE lessen on complimenting someone's baby in the MOST neutral gender possible way.  Unless the kid was wearing one of those lace headbands with ribbons and sequins AND a frilly floofy triple-petticoat dress WITH high gloss patent leather shoes.  Then I think I can safely assume the child is female.  Other than that - all bets are off.  Anybody else gets a 'cute kid' and I leave it at that.
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