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Author Topic: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.  (Read 11066 times)

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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #30 on: August 02, 2013, 07:25:00 PM »
I don't know that it really matters how gross any adults/other customers may be; allowing little kids on the counters is a bad idea, not only because they frequently grab things (often sticking them in their mouth in a fraction of a second) and sometimes diapers leak (what parent among us *hasn't* experienced a poosplosion? Seriously, I'd like to shake your hand and learn your secrets :) ), but because there's also huge liability concern associated with an unsecured child potentially falling (or jumping) off the counter and getting injured. There's simply not a good reason to allow it.

Regardless of what policies are made re: counter sitting, it would be a good idea to keep some lysol wipes on hand for a quick counter cleaning after particularly grody customers of any age.

Per the bolded: ITA. When I did customer service and people put their little kids on the counters, I asked them to remove them. Some were none too pleased, but all it takes is one fall/injury.

  When I worked retail, I had a good many parents have temper tantrums about being asked not to place kids on the SNACK bar or tables. Some stopped at screaming, one threatened to hit me ( but did not follow through) and ne spit at me.
  Asking a parent to take their kids down can be risky.

It always amazes me the kind of parents some people meet as, thank goodness, I've never seen any parent act like ones described above.  And I've been around all types of parents my whole entire life. 


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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #31 on: August 02, 2013, 08:32:10 PM »
Maybe an unclothed diaper...sure- but a child old enough to "sit" on a counter is generally old enough not to "leak" through clothes- mine haven't since they were wee babes. As for the outside of their pants- there's no "bio" waste on them - you do generally have to take the pants off to get the clothes on. Adults are far more likely to have bio-waste on their hands from not washing after diaper changes or  visiting the facilities themselves. Heck- adult pants are more likely to have hit a mucky bathroom floor while peeing than a kids pants that are usually fully removed and put back on every time!

That doesn't mean that it's okay to put them on a counter- but honestly the hyperbole around kids and "bio-waste" gets very old and frustrating.
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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #32 on: August 03, 2013, 11:53:24 AM »
I have fabric purses that can go in the washing machine (drip dry) or vinyl purses that can be wiped down with a cleaner on a rag.  For leather purses, I have saddle soap.   This applies to beverage spills on the outside of the purse; a leaking pen inside the purse; or "bio waste" from any source (inside or outside).  Whatever can be washed will be washed - after appropriate stain removers have been applied.

I just hate to have to take everything out of the purse, check to see if any of "whatever" got into the purse, and then use another purse until the "contaminated" one is clean AND dry.  That sometimes means changing out purses more often than I'd like - but...

I've seen people with one hand on a child on a high counter who drop something, bend over trying to pick it up while keeping one hand on the child, and end up *almost* knocking or dragging the kid off the counter.  Leave them in a stroller, a shopping cart, or something - if you're not ElastiGirl (from the movie, The Incredibles), you won't be able to handle the situation safely if the child and your other things start to go in different directions. 
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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #33 on: August 03, 2013, 01:07:17 PM »
I get the concern about a child falling, but is a leaky diaper a very common occurrence in this situation? IF this were the case, then wouldn't floors and chairs also be covered with the leaks?

For many of us it's not the issue of the child falling but rather than we do not want to place our hands, arms and purses where biological wastes may have been.  A diaper does not need to leak to have biological wastes transferred to the countertops.  Children are not run through a sterilizer after each diaper change and hence bacteria remains in areas that may be outside the diaper itself.

It is a disgusting, action that some parents are OK with, it really makes me wonder what their home cleanliness is like when I hear of this happening.  Mercifully I have never seen this done in person because I would call them out on it publicly.   Personal safety and health come before etiquette and I think many people do not *get* how certain bacterial contamination can make you deathly ill.

Unless you change or wash your purse on a daily basis, I'm willing to bet that my child's clothed bottom is cleaner than your purse.

Why would the bottom of my purse be so filthy?  At the money I spend on my purses they are never placed on a floor unless it is carpet at the side of a chair or under a dining table.  I do not set my purse on dirty bathroom floors where biological wastes are and honestly do not know anyone who does.

I've studied Microbiology and there is no way it is possible for the bottom of my purse to be dirtier than a diapered individual.  My purse has some bacteria on it of course but there is no reason it should have E Coli, enterococci, or Bacteroides or other contamination on it, the same cannot be said of anyone wearing a diaper.

I managed to raise two children and would never have dreamed of being so crude as to set them down on a countertop where others conduct their business.  No one wants theirs hands, belongings or food to be where my kids butt just was!
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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #34 on: August 03, 2013, 01:17:37 PM »
Why would a carpeted floor be clean (or under a dining table)?  People put their feet their and you don't know what they have walked through or stepped in or on. Realistically, they don't always know either. On the other hand, diapers contain materials inside while there is an additional protective layer outside.  There are plenty of ways for your purse to be dirtier than the average diapered kid.  The vast majority of diapered kids do not end up with biohazard on the outside of the diaper.  I guess if they are massively sick or their parents really stink at diapering it might happen, but it just isn't the case with the vast majority of kids out there.

I think that in the case of a copy center, the stack of papers that are meant to be copied might even carry a lot of bacteria.  They get placed here and there, picked up by this person and that person - I would not assume they were "clean" either.


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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #35 on: August 03, 2013, 01:29:38 PM »
We seem to be going in circles about diapers v. purses.

Can we all agree that, for a variety of reasons, putting children on counters is a bad idea?
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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #36 on: August 03, 2013, 01:36:29 PM »
As someone unthread said, parents are not a monolithic entity.  Neither are people with purses.
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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #37 on: August 03, 2013, 11:26:37 PM »
I must be horribly uncouth. I have put my kids' butt on a counter, I have done it more than once, I would do it again. Never a bare diaper, never a bare bottom. Just a fully clothed kid's butt.

It happens. I have two hands and two toddlers. Sometimes, there isn't a carriage offered, a stroller is a hassle and a half, and it keeps my kid from taking off. Writing a check or signing the credit card slip can be near impossible when being pulled in a couple of different directions.  Simple solution, put kid between me and on counter, I hug her (my son is too big to be counter plopped) and sign what I need to sign. As for her grabbing at things. She is like an octopus, it doesn't matter if she's in her stroller, a carriage, in my arms, on the counter; if she sees something she wants, she goes for it.


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Re: Dear Abby on Kids on counter tops.
« Reply #38 on: August 03, 2013, 11:48:09 PM »
No kids myself. Don't see it as rude to rest a small kid on the counter while paying, just practical. Same as if I plonked my handbag on the counter so I could dig around for discount cards, etc.

I'd feel differently if the counter were a food prep area (in which case, the business should be posting signs themselves, surely).

Probably helps that i'm not easily icked out by possible germs. (Of course, I wouldn't want someone with a cold/flu touching me, sneezing or coughing on me or otherwise sharing their virus).


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