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Short version:

An acquaintance of yours is currently hosting two guests for a couple of weeks - Guest A and Guest B. Guests A and B are not related or otherwise connected to each other. They just happen to be staying with Acquaintance at the same time.

You meet Guest A and hit it off with them. You discover you have lots in common. You would like to invite Guest A to hang out with you and your friends.

Is it rude NOT to invite Acquaintance (as the host of Guest A) and also Guest B? Or does etiquette dictate that they must be invited too?

Happy to provide more details if people want.

Are you inviting the acquaintance too? How long are the two guests staying? What is the relationship of A to the host and the relationship of B to the host? Are both guests staying with the acquaintance while on vacation or is either one on business? Is your acquaintance close to either or both? I think the answers might impact the answer.

It seems a bit off to me, but if acquaintance and guest are not doing everything together, along with guest B, I guess it would be ok, as long as there were no other plans with host.

How do you know Guest A? If it's a relationship of long standing, I would feel comfortable asking Guest A if he/she will have time during the visit to get together.

Or, if you met Guest A because he/she goes about on their own a lot when visiting, and makes their own plans, then it makes sense to ask Guest A to get together.

If Guest A and Guest B are traveling together, or are spouses, then it becomes more complicated IMO.

Also, do you know the host? If so, leaving out the host would seem awkward to say the least.

I feel that there are a lot of possible scenarios here.

The rule of thumb (according Miss Manners, but it also makes sense to me) is that when you have a new friend, you invite the friend responsible for introducing you to the first event.

So if you met Guest A through the hosts, you invite the hosts as well. I have no opinion on Guest B.


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