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I clicked on the search button in the upper left and the reply I got was, "You are not allowed to search for posts in this forum."  Since I've used search often in the past, I figured something was broken.


It's not broken, it's been disabled for a period of time in order to do some upgrading on the system and prevent further morning slow downs of the site.   After months of trying to figure out what was causing the morning grind to a halt, we think we have the answer.   It's not that the search function is malfunctioning but it triggers a problem in the database tables which need to be upgraded to handle a large forum.  The forum will go offline starting Friday, August 9th at 6:00 pm EST in order to do the necessary upgrades so no search function until next Monday. 

Thanks, I thought I had done something wrong!

Aww, man, just when I needed some good crockpot recipes.   ;D
Thanks for the explanation and for the work you are doing to improve things!

Thanks for posting this!

But as of today, the 13th, I still can't use the search tool. Will it be available when the forum comes back online, post-16th?


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