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<B/G> Yes, this is a childhood friend, Francie (name changed),  who I haven't spoken to in years and awfully recently begin causal chatting again.

Last few days I've been making origami for friends (corgis and a dragon to two separate people) posting pics on FB and out of the blue, I get a message from someone not on my friendlist - Francie's mother. I opened the message and it's Francie wanting me to make her something and draw her mother something. I didn't reply to that message but instead sent her a message on her account asking why she did that. I think I did well to quell my knee-jerk irritation that was reared due to this! 

She said it was easier to do that while she was running out the door.

I countered that I thought that was tacky. I asked her to think about it. She wants me to do something for her but it's too inconvenient to log on her account to do it? Or wait until she could?

Her response was quite childish and manipulative. Since it wasn't a yes it was an automatic no to her and now she's got to go. I told her I am fully capable of using my own mouth, no need to put words in my mouth - and then it was 'gotta go bye' spiel. </BG>

Really, is that too much to ask? Thinking about the other conversations I've had with her recently, I am wondering if she's worth the bother - seems to be a lot of 'gimme of the needy' sort. *sigh*

Maybe it's my background, but jeez, you don't get on another's account to send something from you.

I get that you're annoyed about the request, but surely it would have been easier (and less antagonistic) to just pretend you never saw it?  If she wants it that badly, she could ask you herself.

I think you made a pretty big deal over nothing. I don't think you have any obligation to make her anything, but I don't see what's so offensive about her sending a message from her mother's account.. I mean, what's the difference what account she sent it from?

Well, maybe it's because of where I learned computer usage, the military - where you didn't leave the computer unless you logged off - is why I had irritation from that.  Part of me was wondering if I was a bit over board on that hence why I poised the question.

The other side of it is I just sent her some origami and it wasn't acknowledged at all as well as being first to start writing - her insistence. Don't ask me why she couldn't start it she was wanting to do the pen pal spiel...*shrug*

On the other hand, I may have been better off just ignoring that list like the wise Slartibartfast said - after all Fancie's mother wasn't on my friend list.

This person tends to contact me when she wants something, it's never a conversation of catching up and the perceived flippant way she'd go on another person's account to contact me with what she wants was corrosive to me, I guess.  :-\

I get the annoyance at being contacted only when your 'friend' wants something, but I think you were pretty rude in your reply. Using someone else's account to send you a message isn't an insult or rude, or tacky, I don't think. Especially if it was clear who the message was actually from.


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