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Rather Tacky Request Origin?

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Wow. If you really responded with a simple request by telling her that she was tacky and that you're capable of using your own mouth (I'm not even sure what you mean by that?)... yes, I think you overreacted.

If you're upset that she seems to talk to you only when she wants something, that's another story altogether, and you could politely ask her about that. Or, alternatively, if you don't want a better relationship with her, you could charge her for the origami. But to snap at her because she requested it from her mother's Facebook account? If it were me, I might've responded "childishly" to that as well.

Note: I would never send a message from anyone else's FB just because 1) I don't get onto other people's accounts and 2) it seems like it might cause a misunderstanding about who's actually sending the message. But I would also not care at all if someone else did send me a message from someone else's account. I might think "hmm, wonder why she's logged on as X?" in passing, but that's the extent of it.

I agree that Francie shouldn't only contact you when she wants something. Good friends stay in touch as often as they can just to catch up without asking for something. With that said, I think your response was over the top. Is there one computer at her home? Could it be that her mother was logged in and actually using the computer?

Please understand that I'm not making excuses for Francie. I just think you could have handled it better.

Yes, it's safe to say I did overreact. Currently my life is stressful and having another 'want' sent my way made me a little nuts.  :-[

I messaged her an apology. 

Thank you so much for the needed outside view and opinion.  ;)

Good on you, OP.

Would you post some of your creations in the crafty section? I'd be interested in seeing great origami.


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