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[BG.] I broke up with my ex about 2 years ago. It wasn't an amicable break up (showing up at my door, vile emails etc), which was completely out of the blue for me to be honest. He was really a good guy while we were dating, but I just didn't have any feelings anymore.

Today he's texted me really simple "yo, like to catch up?  :)". I don't know what the correct response is.
The way I see it is
1. not do anything, not acknowledge the text at all or
2. send the following text "I'd rather not, thank you".

Any advice??

I would ignore it. If he starts harassing you via text, block him.

If you wanted to catch up, I would respond. Since you don't, ignore.  Block if he persists.

I would respond, "Not really. But I hope you're well."

Since the breakup was far from amicable, I would not respond.

Had he acted like a reasonable adult during the breakup, I'd recommend a polite refusal. But the nasty emails and showing up at your door = no further contact, in my opinion.


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