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How to clarify why contractor was rejected? (long, sorry) (dog pic, post 29)

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You are right not to employ this person in your home.  He sounds difficult and likely cantankerous, and I suspect that there would have been many issues.  You gave him ample opportunity to bid on the job, and he flubbed it.

If I were you I'd give this guy the least amount of information possible, because he may still try to argue and complain to you or others.  I would tell him that he didn't give you an estimate in a timely manner, and you therefore went with someone else in order to get the work done.  You could add that summer in waning, and you need to get this fixed before fall.

Agree with the others that I wouldn't bother replying at this point. But since this is the father of your co-worker, I would be prepared for co worker to ask you - and then I would tell her that he missed two deadlines for submitting his proposal and you had no choice but to go in a different direction.

No reply is necessary.  He should not have replied to you the way that he did.

What I would suspect him of doing is taking long enough so that you had gotten the other estimates, then wanting to meet with you to see if he could find out what those estimates were and undercut them to get the job.

Or, he's just slow and not very good with communication.  In either case, I wouldn't hire him either.

You did what you were supposed to do.  I hope the contractor you hired does a good job for you.

Outdoor Girl:
I wouldn't worry about replying - there are red flags all over this guy, starting with 'father of a coworker'.  Taking so long to get back to you with the estimate, then sending a snarky email on top of that?  Not worth your time.

I was getting some spray foam insulation work done and had contacted a few companies to come give me an estimate.  I told them what I wanted; they wrote the estimate up then and there and I made my decision the next day.  Except for one guy.  Who proceeded to berate me that he couldn't do what I wanted and got increasingly irate.  I was getting more and more upset because of his attitude and he finally just left, telling me he wouldn't quote on the job.  Fine by me.  Even if he had come in with the lowest quote, there is no way I would have hired the guy.  Turned out that what I wanted wasn't the correct way to do things and a subsequent contractor explained why that was, calmly and with technical detail.  If irate guy had done the same thing, I wouldn't have reacted the way I did.  He just kept telling me 'you can't do that' without explaining.

I wouldn't reply. If he calls and puts you on the spot or your coworker brings it up I would say "I was told the estimate would be ready in 1-1.5 weeks. At that time I called and was told it would be ready in two weeks. After two weeks I still had not received an estimate so I went with another contractor."


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