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I have a wonderful friend that I just love, but her FB posts are not putting her in the best light.  I want to tell her that certain things that she wants to carp about don't make her look good and she might need to re think before she hits post.  I know anyone can post anything, but I know with myself, I always re read and think before I hit post.  These posts are not offensive or vile, but they are things she shouldn't be revealing because it just doesn't make her personally look good.  Is it polite to gently point out, privately, that she is making herself look bad, or is it better to just scroll past and bite my tongue.  There have been some comments on her post that have not been real nice and she gets upset, but doesn't get that she is setting herself up for these type of comments.

I use the social fixer app. It filters out posts that are annoying/offensive to me and lets through posts that I don't mind seeing.

Giving someone a heads up that their posts may go over poorly never works in my experience.  In fact it usually starts a few days of passive aggressive posts about how people just can't take the truth and how they just need to be more supportive and why can people just UNDERSTAAAAND! and blah blah blergh.

If social fixer was a person I'd marry it

These aren't annoying or offensive..they are things that are going on in her life that are best not blabbed about because while she is looking for sympathy as to these things, they make her look bad.  Nothing illegal, just..things that are happening.  I have no problem with her telling me about these, I would gladly be a shoulder for her to cry on, but for her to post them are embarrassing for her and one could have blown up a job prospect when she complained about how bad an interview went.  I want to tell her that some things may not be right to post, but she is an adult and I am just not sure about crossing a line

Facebook is rapidly becoming a Social Darwinist tool.  I have discovered that it is virtually impossible to protect stubborn people from their own folly over things like this.

A friend of mine posts far too much political stuff on her Facebook page and  news feeds.  No matter who tells her this will not work in her favor when she looks for a job she rants "I will not censor who I am."

I'm waiting for an update on this.  She is still unemployed.

I've had a friend comment to me privately about a fbook post and as fbook posts go, it was on the mild if annoying side.  It was back when my youngest got his first immunizations at 2months of age and I had come home and posted I felt like such a mean mommy...

Like I said, relatively benign but my friend, with whom I tend to joke about vaguebooking, pointed out I was guilty of that which often would make me wrinkle my own nose and groan. 

I'd say if you're close enough to say something you could, perhaps, but it really depends on how well you know this person. Would they get offended? Or just embarrassed enough to say "oops, you're right, that could cause problems!" and then delete.


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