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BG I seem to have an admirer who I am mutually admiring but my posts have been just basic "Oh, got to talk to crush today haha we are both shy haha"..she has decided to divulge some details I told her personally about a conversation.

Unfortunately, I had to block friend from posting on my page.  She was not happy, but she put some really offensive and unnecessary comments on 2 different posts of mine, especially because I was deliberately NOT on one post giving full details of something and she posted a snippet ofpart of a conversation I relayed to her that was very funny but the way she stated it, it put him in a very bad light if you didn't know the whole story (which she knew I was not giving out the whole conversation on FB!!!) and she made another comment about me that was not only wrong, but extremely vulgar and uncalled for and I had to once again, publicly correct her.  After these comments I received so many PM's from people asking why she was saying things and I had to bean dip because I am, again, not giving full details

I did tell her when she realized her stuff was hidden on my feed that she needs to watch what she says not only about me but about her family and herself because she is way to TMI and in her attempts to joke around with me, she is being offensive.
I also told her, as I am job hunting I have toned down a lot of my snarky cartoons and some other posts I share and would appreciate if she not post comments that make me look sleazy and my admirer look like he is a pig.


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