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Sheila Take a Bow:
At my daughter's kindergarten orientation the principal mentioned that parents are encouraged to pack a healthy snack for their kids for morning recess.

I've been spoiled by the preschool, which has been providing healthy morning and afternoon snacks for the kids, and I haven't had to think about such things.

So, what can I send?  I want it to be healthy, fun, interesting, and easy to pack.  And it has to tide her over between breakfast and lunch.  So far I've thought of:

- grapes and cheese cubes
- yogurt and fruit
- wheat thins with cheese slices

But I want to do different snacks every day, so she doesn't get bored of just one thing.  And I think the 3-snack rotation would bore her pretty quickly.

Any ideas?

Cherry tomatoes, bell peppers (either strips or those tiny ones), and carrot sticks go well on their own, or with hummus.

If there aren't nut allergies, I'd recommend apple slices with either peanut or almond butter.

I'm looking forward to seeing the responses!

I honestly wouldn't worry about repitition. When my DD was in grade school, parents would get a week assigned to send in snacks for the class. But they always had a huge box of goldfish on hand because many of the kids just wanted crackers every day.

But here's some ideas that is easy for the kid's to grab and eat with minimal mess

Mini box of raisins
Pre-packed apple slices
Cheese and crackers
Orange segments in a baggie
Granola bars
Kashi cereal bars
A half cheese sandwich
Celery stuffed with pimento and cheese (wrap each separely in Saran wrap and then put in baggie to make them less messy when pulled out)

Outdoor Girl:
If nuts aren't a problem, maybe even some mixed nuts?

If you dip apple slices in Sprite, they don't go brown.

Whole wheat bread with some sort of protein spread, cut with a cookie cutter for fun shapes (and no crusts).

Turkey pepperoni sticks, maybe with a little tomato sauce for dipping.

Dry cereal, like Cheerios.

shhh its me:
any fruit or vegetable she'll eat raw cut into manageable pieces. *thats not super messy*  apple slices , grapes , cucumber slices, carrot , celery sticks,broccoli, cauliflower, dried fruits
I did gogurts for a sack a lot because they could be frozen and be thawed by snack time.  the snacks didn't go into a fridge and that way he didn't need to take a thermal lunch bag.

nuts and sunflower seeds ,yogurt covered raisins * if they are allowed*
popcorn , cereal bar , crackers cheese peanut butter if allowed.


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