Author Topic: Drinks before a school meeting?  (Read 10287 times)

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Re: Drinks before a school meeting?
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During the meeting is professional time. Dinner bevore the meeting is private time. A glass of wine will not affect them during their business time so they are entitled to have it during their private time. If people wantto "own" whzt a teacher eats or drinks in their off hours, they really shouldn't be off hours, they should be paid.

But what if somebody else decides a teacher shouldn't have carbs because they make you sluggish? How much control should teachers (or parents) hand over?

I hear you.

Slightly related:
A friend of mine was interviewing for a teaching position at a private school. She was told she would be required to dress modestly.
A little further into the interview, "dress modestly" was defined as "wear a dress or skirt at all times."
Shortly thereafter, "at all times" was defined as "off-campus as well as on, for all waking hours and all activities."
"Even if I'm at home on my own yard, raking leaves?"
"Well, what if one of the parents stopped by to ask you a question about their child?"

She declined the position, as they weren't paying enough to permit them to dictate her wardrobe 24/7.

Was that school in Pensacola, by any chance ?

Nope. You'd have to go one country further to the north.
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Re: Drinks before a school meeting?
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Since everybody's in agreement, I have another scenario:  Last day of school, at dismissal, (half day for students), a mother says to a teacher, "You put up with my kid all year, and you definitely deserve this," and hands her a one of those reusable plastic cups with a straw in it.  Teacher takes a sip, and it's vodka.

Okay to drink?  Students are gone, our rooms are packed, but we are not allowed to leave the building for another 2.5 hours.

I really wouldn't have any problems if the teachers and staff had a little party and had some drinks after the school business was complete.  Obviously if this is a dry campus, this would be a no-no.  The fact that this teacher took a sip is okay, she had no idea what was in the cup, but at this point she would just need to dump the rest.  I think a gift of alcohol would be better in a closed container.   I'm going to assume that most school campuses are going to be dry and alcohol is forbidden, so bringing in an open container was probably not the best idea.  This parent should be told, thanks, but this is against the rules.